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10 Reasons BMW Owners Love their Bimmers | Park Place BMW in Rochester, MN

BMW owners are well-known for being passionate about their cars. So passionate, they usually know the history behind the nickname and also the difference between a “Bimmer” and a “Beamer” and can’t understand why people get it mixed up.

In case you don’t know, BMW really got its start with motorcycles and they were active in the racing world. One of their competitors was BSA bikes, so track slang developed to differentiate the two. BMWs were referred to as “beemers” and BSAs were called “beesers.” Any true BMW enthusiast knew that BMW cars couldn’t be called “beemers…

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BMW EnLighten App Predicts Traffic Lights | Park Place BMW in Rochester, MN

Driving is the most convenient things we do every single day. However, getting from point A to point B quickly and comfortably (usually in a vehicle that is an extension of a driver’s personality) is usually laced with frustrations and minor inconveniences – other drivers, road construction and, when you’re in a big hurry, traffic lights.

Connected Signals, a technology startup based in Eugene, Oregon, has developed an app that helps you travel through traffic lights with ease. The EnLighten app gathers traffic light information in cities that link lights to a regional network.

BMW has taken this app…

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