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BMW owners are well-known for being passionate about their cars. So passionate, they usually know the history behind the nickname and also the difference between a “Bimmer” and a “Beamer” and can’t understand why people get it mixed up.

In case you don’t know, BMW really got its start with motorcycles and they were active in the racing world. One of their competitors was BSA bikes, so track slang developed to differentiate the two. BMWs were referred to as “beemers” and BSAs were called “beesers.” Any true BMW enthusiast knew that BMW cars couldn’t be called “beemers” (or “beamers”) so they became known as “bimmers.”

Owners of BMWs are typically not shy of their love for their precious automobiles, and for good reason – the co-host of Top Gear, Richard Hammond, called the BMW the “best car ever made.”

Here are 10 Reasons Why BMW Owners Love their Bimmers:

1. Driving to and from work/the grocery store/the gas station is an enjoyable event.

BMW owners don’t dread the mundane driving tasks. If an errand needs to be run, you can almost always count on a BMW driver to be excited about it. They don’t need a fancy destination or wide open roads to get excited about getting behind the wheel.

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2. Corners, curves and turns.

A BMW handles the twists like a champ. There is nothing that compares.

3. They last for a long time if you take proper care of them.

Why do you see so many older BMWs on the road? Because they still run like a dream. To all those people who say BMWs are too expensive to maintain, they say you should have just kept up with the maintenance in the first place.

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4. There are no bad roads. Only opportunities for new driving adventures.

BMW drivers said, “Goodbye!” to boring drives a long time ago. For them, every road is awesome.

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5. Bimmers are built to be driven and enjoyed, not just to get from point A to point B.

A BMW is not a car for those who are just interested in getting to their destination. They’re for the ones who want to enjoy the journey.

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6. It looks good EVERYWHERE.

Popping into the pharmacy? Looks great. Picking up your friend from the airport? Divine. Driving to a fancy event? Looks great. It somehow manages to always fit in, yet always stand out.

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7. It’s SO quiet.

Forget those annoying noisy cars. A BMW lets you enjoy the company of your passengers and allows everyone to be heard.

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8. They look good for a LONG time.

Not only do they run forever, they also can hold their own much longer than other cars. You can drive a 10-year-old BMW and people will probably think it’s still new.

9. Even if other people disagree, BMW fans know they’re right. If you don’t think so, you’ve probably never had a BMW.

No, we aren’t saying we love the car because of how much we paid for it. We paid that much because it’s worth it, not because we’re just paying for the logo.

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10. The BMW slogan couldn’t be more true. It really is the Ultimate Driving Machine.

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What are some of your favorite things about driving a BMW? Let us know in the comments below!

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