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If you’ve ever wanted the chance to completely let loose on the road just to see what your BMW can do, the time has come. BMW USA gives you the opportunity to make the most of the road while honing the skills that can boost your driving confidence with the BMW Performance Driving School.

The School has two locations, one on the east coast and one on the west coast, so you can choose where you’d like to master the art of driving. Equipped with the latest BMWs, the best professional driving instructors and more adrenaline than you’ll know what to do with, these driving schools are the perfect place to put your skills to the test (and then spruce them up a bit).

There are 4 programs available and each program is available as a one- or two-day course.

Driver’s School

In this program, you’ll polish up the driving skills you already have, while learning some new tricks to increase your handling expertise while driving any road, even while on your way to work. You will end up having way more fun on your morning commute and will learn new skills on the road such as cornering, braking and wet-pavement handling.

Teen School

For teens just starting out on the road, driving can be an overwhelming task. The BMW Driving School program for teens is Driver’s Ed times a million. Your teen will learn how a car behaves in a variety of on-road situations. Students will learn to maneuver many challenging conditions and take away accident-avoidance maneuvers as well as how to handle wet-weather driving. These skills will help them to be more confident in their driving abilities and decrease reaction time on the road, keeping them safe.

M School

For a more exciting course, you can get behind the wheel of one of BMWs M models and learn how to handle the most powerful engines BMW has to offer. In this course, instructors will guide you through the exciting challenges and you will learn how to drift, accelerate, brake and corner around a racetrack at high speeds. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Nascar driver (or ever played a lot of Gran Turismo), this is your dream come true.

Motorcycle School (On-Road and Off-Road)

BMWs Motorcycle School helps participants in the on-road program learn how to avoid accidents and safely maneuver around obstacles. Off-road participants will spend time on a course that was first developed at the BMW off-road facility in Hechlingen, Germany. On this course, you will learn how to handle your bike safely on a variety of different terrains.

You can sign up for the Performance Driving School in either Spartanburg, SC, or Thermal, CA.

Learn more about the BMW Performance Driving School here.
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