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Winter is coming up faster than we’d probably like, so now is the perfect time to start preparing your car for when the temperatures really begin to drop. We’ve put together a list of items to keep in your car and some things you can do for your car to combat the winter weather and all the things that go along with it.

For foggy windshields…

  • Keep a chalkboard eraser in your car. Use it to wipe down the inside of your windshield without leaving smudges on the glass.

  • Roll your windows down to let some fresh air in and watch the windows defog quickly.

  • Before it gets foggy, cover the inside of the windshield with shaving cream and then wipe it off. Shaving cream has many of the same ingredients as commercial defoggers and it will keep the fog away before it happens.

If you’ve got some spare socks lying around…

  • Keep a spare pair of cheap socks in your glovebox. Put them over your shoes to give you better traction in case you have to get out and push your car on ice or just need to walk in the snow (and want to keep your shoes as nice as possible).

  • Use a pair of socks to cover your windshield wipers overnight (or during the day) to keep the snow off. Raise the wipers up off the windshield and slip a sock over them for easier de-icing in the morning.

When things get frozen shut…

  • If your wiper blades get stuck to the windshield, soak a cloth (or maybe some of those extra socks!) with full-strength rubbing alcohol and wipe each blade. The alcohol will keep the blades from sticking to the glass.

  • If your door lock is frozen shut, heat your car key (but not for too long) with a match or lighter and gently push the key into the slot to melt the ice. Just be careful because the key will be hot!

  • Insert a drinking straw into the frozen lock and blow directly into it. The heat from your breath will help melt the ice.

  • Rubbing a pump of hand sanitizer on your lock or door will melt the ice and allow you to unlock it/open it and get in out of the cold easily.

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What are some of your go-to tips for taking care of your car when winter weather comes? Let us know!
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